Saturday, October 10, 2015

The App that's got ALL the Moms Talking

Moms are always sharing cool things they find, from the deals they get online, the new class they just discovered or the latest kitchen hack.  As moms, we love finding ways to make our lives easier and then sharing it with our friends. Well, the app that is all a buzz among moms right now is the MomCo App, because it's making moms' lives easier. What makes this app so awesome? Easy. It is the one stop shop for moms to connect with one another. What exactly can you do on this app?

Meet new moms. Check.
Find and schedule play dates. Check.
Ask questions and share. Check.
Find services. Check.
Get local deals. Check.
Discover local events. Check.
Win FREE stuff. Check.

It's bringing the best from all the other platforms moms love and combining them into one beautiful, easy to navigate app.

It's been featured on the Today Show, in news media publications everywhere and it's making the tour of all the hot mom events nationwide. All the big brands are chomping at the bit to be part of their newest section... giveaways! The founders wished something like this had existed when they became moms to make the work of creating their village easier. Jillian was on Tinder one day and had an epiphany. This geo location technology on smartphones is exactly what moms needed to easily connect with other moms.

Think about when you were a new mom. Unless you were the last one of your friends to have a baby it really takes some effort to find other moms who live close by, have similar interests and children that are the same age... and that just click with you. It take months, even years to cultivate the friendships moms are looking for. The MomCo app cuts all that investment time down to nearly nothing. You're so busy taking care of your new baby, you barely have time to shower let alone doing the "mom dating scene". The app just makes it EASY.

But, here's the thing.... it's not just for new moms. If you've ever moved then you know that it can be difficult to try and find new friends. I know this because that was my experience. We didn't move across country or even out of state, in fact we just moved to a different part of the city. But driving 25 minutes to hang out with our old neighborhood crew a few times a week just wasn't feasible. In my old neighborhood we had created a tight knit playgroup and we not only had a monthly calendar of regular activities, but we connected for impromptu play dates and just to chat. We had built our little village of moms to reach out to and it was awesome. When I moved I had 3 kids and didn't have it in me to create a playgroup like that within my new neighborhood. I missed the support system and friendships that I had left behind. If only the MomCo app had existed back then!

That original neighborhood playgroup is how I met Jillian, the mastermind behind the MomCo App. We met when my second child was just a year old and her son was just a baby, so we go way back!

Jillian was always happy to help a mama out and quickly established herself as one of the core members of our playgroup. Having been there since the beginning, I feel awe-inspired to watch what she has taken from her personal, real-life experience and created out of her passion to really help moms.

The MomCo App helps moms just like you:

I also love reading the MomCo blog! You'll find they share the best stuff from all over the mom centered internet. 

The best part? MomCo partners are making it possible to make it completely free for you. The app is free. Their play dates are free. And did I mention their giveaways!? You can download it on the App Store or Get it on Google Play. 

...but mot importantly it today!

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