Saturday, December 21, 2013

#Gratitude Day 2

#Gratitude365 This morning I wanted to call our cleaning people and not have them come for our scheduled appointment. I caught some bug that's been going around and could feel the soreness in my throat and realized I'd lost my voice. The idea of laying on the couch and drinking tea sounded far better than doing all the pre-cleaning that goes with cleaning day. But then I started thinking about how much more work I'd be in for if I canceled and had to do all the cleaning myself before Christmas. PLUS I've been thinking more and more about commitment and how that shows up for me depends on how I demonstrate that. So, after dropping the kids off at school I came home and got my youngest one to help me pick up the playroom and the kids' bedrooms. Our scheduled time is 9:30am. We'd been picking up like crazy for an hour, I'm breaking a sweat. Finally I look over at the clock on the stove and it is already after 10am. They've been late before and I check my messages to see if I missed a call that they needed to adjust the time. Nothing. I'm a little upset because I think they've canceled me. I sit down on the couch and realize a couple of things, if they don't show up, I at least burned some calories cleaning for an hour and a half straight. And, if they do show up, I'll be glad they are okay and especially glad they made it because I had stayed committed and it will show that commitment attracts commitment.

Today, I am grateful that the house cleaners showed up! Oh, and I burned the calories doing the pre-cleaning either way.