Tuesday, January 7, 2014

#Graditude365 Day 19

#Gratitude365 January 6 2014

 I actually got up when my alarm went off this morning, which after a 2 week break of sleeping in is pretty worthy of gratitude... especially since I had to be in class at 9am this morning.

Speaking of class - I had such an amazing interaction and witness to another breakthrough for a family this morning - and I shared it here on the Sign4Baby Blog.

We got the very LAST spot in the preschool down the street from us for Owen. I waited til after winter break to go and pick up a registration packet and my heart almost sank when the administrator behind the desk frowned at me with that telling look that says "we're full."

But, then she thought for a moment and said "Let me check something before I give you the final answer."

For his age group there was ONE spot available so I filled out the registration form and nabbed it up!

We've had Owen out of preschool for the last few months since he had some issues that I won't get into here. We had a goal all along to get him enrolled in a new preschool after the winter break and I am so grateful that there was one remaining spot. I think the schedule is going to be much better for him here and I'm glad it's a lot closer to home and know he is eager to make some new friends. It can be pretty lonely for a 4 year old when your brother and sister go to school every day and you're stuck at home with mom and dad mostly working.

Sometimes I think the stars align just right - but keeping you on the edge of your seat - to make sure you're able to more appreciate what you're about to receive. At least that is what it felt like today when I walked out of that preschool office. Thankful to the stars lining up in this case!

Random, but I was totally happy to have such an easy time at Costco today.

We tend to go to Costco when it is overly busy, with all 3 kids in tow - which can stretch all of our patience to a point that it completely evaporates. Yes, sometimes we are those parents yelling at the kids in the parking lot. I'm not proud of it, but I think being honest is better than putting on a facade. Not today though. I went alone and it was so easy to get in and out of there. If I don't want shopping to be stressful I need to work it into my calendar and go when hardly anyone is there (like on a Monday night!). And get it done without a whole family trip. Scheduling these odds and ends is one of my big confronting challenges. I know it is there and that is the way to make it better, but I'm a horse drawn to water. Just drink the damn water, Joann!

AND one more thing! I have been doing great drinking 8 glasses of water everyday. Something I've been working on and it is happening. I'm trying to think whether I wait til it has been successful for 30 full days before I add in any new health/nutrition goal. What do you think?