Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 20

#Gratitude365 January 7 2014

One of the crazy benefits of these posts? I know what the date is every day. That may seem funny, but really I lose track of the date all the time!

My husband must love me. He tells me about my hair clogging the drain and messing with the vacuum all the time. He's been hinting at me for the last few weeks to give snaking the drain a try. Today he must have reached his threshold of tolerance because he decided around dinner time to clean it out. I was tempted to take a picture to share - but honestly, it was just too gross. The pipe had become corroded and needed to be replaced, so his quick little drain cleaning turned into a bigger project. He got it done though after a trip to Home Depot. I put the kids to bed in trade (tonight was his night). Two things I'm grateful for in this experience:

1. My husband is handy around the house and can do these things. It was never part of my wish-list in finding Mr. Right that he be a good fixer, good with tools and that kind of thing, but I certainly ended up with that kind of guy. Usually it is when my mama friends on facebook are complaining about stuff not getting fixed that I remember to appreciate that about my husband, but today his actually doing it made me appreciate it and not take it for granted.

2. He did not complain while he was doing this. He teased me a little and had me take the bucket outside, but in all honestly if he had complained I would not have faulted him for it.... SHIT, I didn't have any desire to get under the sink and figure out how to open up the drain/pipe and get the gunk out - and he did it. He must love me.

We need a sink trap. Tomorrow I'll make a stop at Target. That's the least I can do.

In business, I received a call from the Del Mar Library inquiring on having me come present a workshop to their new parents so I'm thrilled about scheduling a quarterly workshop with them and helping more families get an overview on signing with babies and what makes it so special! Oh and I got to make a stop at Lakeshore Learning Store today and found the cutest book by Todd Parr that I can't wait to bring into my Signing Story Time program - this picture says it all:

I have found some really awesome books there! So many great authors and illustrators that teach our kids important lessons in disguise of a story. It is truly remarkable to have talents like that be used for such good.

My daughter was being quite witty today and I was laughing, thinking "Wow, she is really funny." I don't think I was funny at her age. It has been really fun having an 8 year old in the house - on so many levels. I didn't really understand when parents would express how a particular age their kid was, was now their favorite age to parent... but I have to say the conversations and thought provoking statements and questions she poses, extra help with the house and her brothers, coming up with ideas on her own that seem well above her age all have m really appreciating the wonder that she is. Tomorrow I get to take her early to school for her first student council meeting. I think she is excited about this new thing, but doesn't want to let on too much.

Seriously, I do have to stop and pat us on the back for a minute. It is not easy to say YES to the things our kids ask of us to grant them permission. There's more work on the parents' part to allow them to do extra, and more money. I was not afforded those kinds of opportunities, mostly for the sake of my parents not being able to afford extra curricular activities. I'm grateful for the ability to grant her the experience of being in soccer, softball, choir and now student council. It is really fun watching her grow up.

Lots to be grateful for today! Have you considered taking this gratitude journey? I'd love to hear in the comments below what makes you pause and say "Thanks!"