Friday, January 10, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 21

#Gratitude365 January 8 2014

Over a month ago I proposed a meetup in real life with some mompreneurs and today we came together. It was awesome to meet some new people and find out what they're up to and not so much have an agenda. We agreed to keep meeting twice a month with no specific purpose. Keeping it casual is super useful so if any of us has a question or need for help on a project it is an open dialogue. Ideas can flow so easily too in the discussion. I'm so grateful for having a group of moms who are business owners that are all connecting to support one another in our learning and expanding.

Bonus was that I got to chat with Amy from Hippilongstockings for a little bit afterwards. She happens to be one of my newer friends who I started following on twitter and have fallen in love with what they do in their "Gift of Good" mission. It is awesome to surround yourself with REAL people striving to be good people, really conscientious of their actions and existence. People who influence us to be and do better ourselves are like that angel on the shoulder telling you what you should do - come to life and just SHOWING you what you CAN DO. Much love to you Amy for being that kind of mama sister.

Do you have someone in your life who is an amazing mama sister that you want to acknowledge?

I have several and I will certainly be sharing my gratitude for each of them in future posts.