Thursday, January 30, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 42

#Gratitude365 January 29 2014

People who hold doors open for you. I love how sweet a gesture it is when people are getting going with their work day, making a stop to get coffee and will hold the door open for you going in or out of 7-11. I the door has been held open for me more often at 7-11 than at Starbucks. I kinda wonder why that is. Either way, I'm making it a point to make eye contact with the person offering the kind gesture and hold more doors open myself.

Speaking of 7-11.... when I was getting my coffee the cashier was singing! And he was good too. When people do something to perk you up in the morning and make you smile it is so refreshing. As I paid for my beverage I told him to "Sing it!" and I hope many more patrons grabbing their cup of joe got to feel the cheer he was spreading.

Gratitude for something as common as holding a door open and for something you don't see too often, like the cashier singing in the store.