Friday, January 31, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 43

#Gratitude365 January 30 2014

Driving to my class this morning I was having fun car-dancing all the way. Gratitude to Star 94.1 FM for having some fun music that not only put a smile on my face, but likely to other drivers noticing.

I started working on a blog post yesterday that is not related to this gratitude journey and it was fun to just see where my thoughts were taking me. Writing. Gratitude. That is an awesome by-product of continuing to write about the things I'm grateful for. Kinda cool. I'm still working on that blog post. It's about coffee.

Tonight the kids had their art show at school. I'm grateful that their school has an art show, and has art period. They look forward to the opportunity to be creative. Amberly had her very first chorus performance tonight at the art show. Music education is one of those things that is not offered in very many elementary schools in San Diego so I know how fortunate we are to be at a school that values the arts. I loved hearing Cory tell Amberly that we would be framing her art piece because it's so good.

 California Quail by Amberly Woolley

Our principal saw me and stopped to discuss the Great Kindness Challenge and how we might get it up and running next year with better planning. I really appreciated her following up from the email she already sent me. Having my children continue at this school was a big reason I did not want to move to Austin Texas when that opportunity came up. Conversations with other parents tonight remind me how grateful I am that we stayed here.

My husband has introduced me to the show Comedians in Cars getting Coffee. We watched several tonight and I have to say seeing these conversations unfold where they're truly just chatting with no agenda is pretty fun to watch. An idea that was totally out of the box and is done well. Gratitude for those willing to take a chance and do something totally different. The creatives out there in the entertainment world have to push the envelope to keep us doing the same.

What big or little things are showing up in your gratitude journey?