Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 47

#Gratitude365 February 3 2014

Loved when Kyle asked me "Mom, can you make those butterfly with the fruit sandwichh things?" Over the summer I would create english muffin open sandwiches with peanut butter and banana slices and blueberries or some other variations. So sweet that he had a craving for somethinig special I made them, especially because I am not crafty in the kitchen, and that it was a healthy item. The sweet voice he used to ask me too, the way he expressed it, just endearing, really. Gratitude for moments like this where Kyle and I connect over something simple.

We had a great attendance at my afternoon Signing Story Time - I feel grateful when moms spread the word to others in their circles.

Tonight Amberly had softball practice and I got to watch a good amount of it. This coach of theirs is incredible. He broke down the swing for them to practice with specific language to understand each part of the swing. They got to practice hitting. He takes the time to explain what they're doing, why they're doing it and checks that everyone is understanding, and having fun. He is patient and has a voice that commands attention like a lovable science teacher rather than a militant drill sargeant. He introduced a fun game at the end of practice that is sure to be an ongoing "hit" with the girls. It's called "Last girl standing" and as each girl gets a chance to have an at bat, they need to hold off on swinging if it is a bad pitch or they're out, if they swign and miss it's an out, and if they swing , make contact but don't put the ball in play, they're out. As each girl gets a "hit" they line up in the "next round" line, otherwise they go to the "out' line. Amberly won the first game! She was so excited. They played again. This time around more of the girls had made contact and put the ball in play. To wrap up practice, coach reviewed what they had learned, told them what was on the agenda for the next practice, asked them how they thought they did today.... all little things that tie up practice with a nice bow, yes, but really it does more than that... he's really teaching them. I know every single one of these girls will be walking away from this team having grown as a player and likely as a person. Grateful for someone so committed to be leading this team.