Wednesday, February 12, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 49

#Gratitude365 February 5 2014

I had a facial today! Last year I made a resolution to go twice a month for a facial and vowed to keep it up this year. So many reasons to do this:

1. Keeps your skin looking its best!
2. Built in relax time - I love the neck, shoulder and arm massage that is part of my 1 hour facial
3. Value "me" time - which is important for new moms especially
4. Get your learn on - my esthetician at Firefly Wellness is always teaching me things to take better care of my skin.
5. Your skin is your largest organ - treat it well and it will treat you well
6. Put your best face forward - literally - important when you are a small business owner, right?
7. Simply having my scheduled facial coming up around the corner keeps me mindful of my skin care regiment and more committed to it.

Did you make any self-care resolutioons this year? I did and I'm having difficulty sticking to them. My gratitude to my old self for sticking to this one so my future self can keep feeling refreshed and well cared for.

BONUS: When I saw Karen she gave me a few certificates to gift to some local San Diego mamas and that makes me happy to give someone else the gift of "me-time!"