Thursday, February 20, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 62

#Gratitude365 February 18 2014

Having an appreciative little boy who was far more excited to celebrate his birthday and have a day be about him than he was interested in material gifts. Are some kids just born that way? It is pretty amazing how easily he can express his joy in being the star of the day and ask people to say "happy birthday" to him. So innocent and joyful. We interpret this from a child in a far different way than if an adult were to express it, even with the same happy tone. It is wonderful that one desires to be celebrated and connect with others over their existence and getting one year older. I know I love being celebrated for my birthday, but hold back a little in how I express that. I'm sure there is something to be learned here.

I am not sure what about the number 5 makes it feel like Owen is no longer a baby. I sigh a little breath of nostalgia thinking about the night Owen made his entrance. They say the third one either takes forever in labor or comes super fast... Owen was the later and it stuck with him. He has been keeping up with big kids his entire childhood career. A few years ago I made the comparison that he is like a fireball wrapped up in cotton candy and that description still rings true to this day. He wipes my kisses away, hugs me a hundred times a day, sneaks sweets and healthy eats all throughout the day and has a smile that wipes away any dismay. He's a handful all on his own and lights up our lives. Happy Birthday Owen!