Thursday, February 20, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 63

#Gratitude365 February 19 2014

My computer was constantly disconnecting from the internet and my husband had run a virus scan a couple times this year already. I've been extra careful to not click every interesting link I see on twitter or facebook, but was still having this problem. My husband showed me how to check the CPU and not keep so many tabs open. That wasn't completely solving the problem. Plus, I NEED a lot of tabs open. Well, now that I'm using Evernote I don't NEED to keep them all open til I get to read important article, I can save them in a notebook in the cloud... more on that another day...

Finally he convinced me to drop Firefox web browser and use Google Chrome. For 3 days now I've had beautiful internet connection again and wonder why I didn't listen to him sooner.

Grateful for a husband who fixes shit.