Saturday, March 1, 2014

#Gratitude365 Day 68

#Gratitude365 February 24 2014

Gratitude for car dancing moments - this one is inspired by one of my Google+ friends, Tracie VanBuren.

Every time I start a new session of classes I feel happy. I get a surge of new inspiration from meeting new people who are being exposed to baby sign language for the first time. Seeing the babies faces filled first with curiosity, then happiness because they begin to predict what it is I will do and that starts the chain reaction to their learning. Soon their faces are filled with understanding because they are effectively communicating. So of course I feel happy every time I begin a new series of classes!

After class today I stopped and got my coffee and while at the traffic light the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams came on the radio. Instantly I turned up the volume and started car dancing! I love car dancing, but I had never been inspired by this song to sing out loud and dance until today. It's all about our context. It was just the day before that I saw the Mastercard commercial where a preschool teacher is surprised by the artist Pharrell Williams when she turns on "Happy" for a class dance party. This teacher had such a beautiful way of being open, loving and having fun.... all the things that make up HAPPY! It was so joyful to see her reaction to Pharrell walking in and begin dancing! You really must see it:

 It was only after this YouTube video that was shared by Tracie VanBuren that I saw (or paid attention to?) the commercial where JT surprises his biggest fan for a priceless Mastercard moment. Personally, I like the Pharrell Williams YouTube video much better!

What songs make you break out in dance?