Monday, March 3, 2014

Crushing On You Maggie Unzueta

My favorite recipe creator, Maggie Unzueta.

Every so often I head over to Maggie's profile to check out what her latest creation is. More often though I find her choosing to share the other awesome foodies of G+. She has been more of a giver than a taker, a true engager and continues the journey of learning. It is because of these attributes that I am eager to share her work with you.

Find her recipe books here.

Take a look at this recipe from "In Mama Maggies's Kitchen" for tonight's dinner: Steak Salad with low calorie Blue Cheese Dressing 

Add Maggie to your foodie circle and you will be very glad you did! She shares her favorite wines on Wine Wednesday, keeps up with all the exciting food and drink related events in San Diego and she will introduce you to more amazing foodies!

I just enjoy looking at her images when she shares a new recipe post. Her photos tell the story of her kitchen quite well.

H/T +Jason Frasca for the awesome image and helping create the fun concept where we pay it forward to one of our Google crushes. There's no rules, other than to have fun!

Here is my post on G+ highlighting Maggie.