Wednesday, April 2, 2014

5 Things for Me - Week 1

This week's theme is "Finding my calm" and is inspired by Laura Crawford - you can read more about the concept here.

I'm rather liking this theme and while I'm late to join the party (you know since it's Wednesday already and I'm barely writing this!) it is one I couldn't pass up because I'm been feeling stressed lately.

So the 5 things I'm doing for me this week to find my calm are:

1. Skip doing the dishes for Monday and Tuesday. I don't usually skip the dishes two days in a row, but Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days and it took a load off to turn my back to the sink piled high and know they'll be there later. What kind of inspired this was last week I just got overly busy and my husband finally just did the dishes one night when I was out! Hmmm. Not a bad idea, right? So, this morning (Wednesday) I really couldn't let it go any further and did load up the dishwasher. There were still dishes in the sink. They'll be there for me tomorrow, I'm sure.

2. Facial. That was easy because I have 2 scheduled each month in my calendar. I highly recommend it! I followed this regiment all of last year and it has helped me to take better care of my skin. When you pass the age of 30 you begin worrying about these things more. I saw Karen at Firefly Wellness yesterday and she made my dry skin feel happy again!

3. Massage. Another one that was easy because Elements in Carmel Mountain Ranch called to remind me that I have two massages on the books to use. So, I went this morning and the while it was not one of those relaxing massages, it helped get a LOT of the tension out of my neck. I specifically requested for the focus to be just on my neck, shoulders and back for the full 55 minutes and it sure did help!

4. Start WALKING! This seems like such an easy thing, but ever since I said it out loud last Wednesday to my mastermind group, I've been still ignoring the early sunrise and trying to bury my head in my pillow. I want to get up and go for a 15 minute walk each day as part of my morning routine before the kids wake up. It is going to happen!

5. Get my green juice. I've been doing this each Saturday for the last couple of weeks. So while it is not new, I feel really good about what I'm putting in my body which helps my overall calm. Jamba Juice has a new menu of juice options - which makes this a breeze because I'm always fearful I'll waste all the produce and not follow through at home even though I have a Vitamix!

6. Totally adding one! You know since the first 3 were already accomplished it just seems like a good idea. Get back to my #Gratitude365 blog that has been neglected for an entire MONTH! I think there were days where I had a lot to write, and while that helped me continue to practice my writing and that in turn began to spark some other great content for my Sign4Baby business, I was beginning to feel overwhelmed with it. I think I've continued to be mindful of having gratitude, but it is not the same while not writing everyday for that series.... so I'm getting back to it!