Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Creating Inspiration Week 1

One of my favorite things about social media is the opportunity to find inspiration from something a friend shares or from an image quote posted. I'll be sharing my own and some I come across that simply must be shared.

Here are a couple I created recently.

This Seek Balance image quote was designed for 6 Ways to Improve Your Skin and I've found that it has been a great reminder every time I look at it.

I created this for my twitter header last week.... the rainbow was inspired by my friend Melissa and my daughter Amberly who both love rainbows so much and remind me how much I love them and how they spread happiness.

image credit rawforbeauty.com

When I saw this in my facebook stream the other day I immediately saved it. The quote just matches the image so perfectly.  And I believe this concept to be true.

Did any of these strike a chord with you? Let me know in the comments! That will inspire me to keep this up.

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