Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Red, White and Blueberry Simple Yoghurt Parfait

Today it was all about the yoghurt parfait. And simplicity. We've been trying to find simple, yet healthy snacks to mix things up a bit. Since Amberly loves helping in the kitchen I recruited her for this healthy snack mission and she happily obliged! With berries in season, this was a good time to recreate a personal favorite....

First, we headed to our local grocery store to purchase items for our Red, White and Blueberry Simple Yoghurt Parfaits. Red, white and blue make it perfect to enjoy for 4th of July celebrations you have coming up. Simple means you don't have a lot to fuss over and you can put the kids in charge of making it themselves.

1. Fresh Strawberries (Red)
2. Granola (for crunch factor!)
3. Mountain High Vanilla Yoghurt (White)
4. Fresh Blueberries (Blue)

Once we got home we were sure to rinse our berries.

Next, I had Amberly mash the strawberries to release more of their juice since that juice lends it's sweet flavor to each spoonful.

We found our strawberries were a bit tart. So we added 2 tsp. of sugar to the 1 pound of sliced strawberries before mashing them.

Now we have our layers lined up. It made sense to use ice cream scoops for simplicity

Now for assembly of the Red, White and Blueberry Simple Yoghurt Parfait!

Strawberries and granola. Check.

Mountain High Vanilla Yoghurt. Simple.

Then, blueberries. And repeat!

Now that is a beautiful and simple parfait!

She had so much fun creating this!

She can't wait to make these again! And neither can her brothers, whom she shared this with since we went a little overboard on layering. Good thing it is a healthy snack!

I love the idea of getting kids in the kitchen. The trick is to start off simply. We hope you try it with your kids this summer!

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