Thursday, May 7, 2015

Real Solutions for Picky Eaters - Part Two

Introducing our "Healthy Fridge Snack Box"!

I am so excited to have tackled this simple yet brilliant idea that I got from attending the Children's Physician Medical Group Picky Eaters discussion.

What makes it simple? I didn't have to really make anything new, buy anything new or put in a lot of energy to put this together.

What makes it brilliant? These foods are already things we tend to have regularly stocked, now it just going to have a SPECIAL label and have everything centralized to make my job easier in the long run.

From time to time I have taken time to prepare a few healthy snacks that are easy to grab for the kids, but to be honest, most of the time that meant it was a shelf in the pantry that had some sort of processed or carb loaded food. It has been on my radar to shift away from the processed snacks and I knew I needed to have a game plan but just hadn't devised one yet. And now, Viola!

With this new game plan in mind as I did my grocery shopping at Costco I completely bypassed tempting snack aisle. I'm like most moms, I buy those things because they are total time savers.... but more often than not they lack the nourishment growing bodies need and are high in sugar. So, what exactly did I fill it with?

Organic Blueberries. YUM!

Organic Sliced Apples, pre-packaged to save some time.

Organic Cucumbers

Organic Strawberries

Hard Boiled Organic Eggs

Organic String Cheese

AND I already had organic baby carrots, cherry tomatoes and mandarin oranges on hand!

Even with the goal of steering my kids towards healthier eating options, sometimes I just don't want to prepare the item right at the moment they come running to me for a snack. So, how did I solve that? I spent a few extra minutes while preparing dinner emptying one of our produce drawers and filling it with all the things that I want the kids to have easy access too. It did take a few minutes to pre-rinse and pre-cut a few things and then package some of the things into single serving containers. That small amount of time is going to be so worth it when I can simply direct the next Snack Attack to the centralized Healthy Fridge Snack Box.

Oh and the bonus? Total time saver when I prepare lunch for the kids since many of these items duplicate as healthy lunch items. In fact this Healthy Fridge Snack Box has been helping in so many ways.

After putting this together more ideas have been percolating for changing up what I put in there next week so be sure to stay tuned for a future edition of Real Solutions for Picky Eaters!

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