Saturday, May 9, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend Starts off Right

It really is the simple things that make us happy as mothers isn't it? Here are some of the things that have started the weekend off to put a smile on my face....

1. Came home to the living room all picked up! 

For a second I thought the cleaners had been here but this wasn't their week. Discovered that my husband had the kids come straight home after school and clean up the living room and play room before I got home from work.

2. There was a package waiting for me with a prize I had won on instagram!

Thank you to my friend Melissa for tagging me in the Happy Mommy Box instagram contest - I love winning things and appreciated this so much! See what was all in the prize package here.

3. I wrote about a blog post that has been resonating with moms this week.

When I write something that makes a difference for other moms that fills my cup. Which post was it? The Healthy Fridge Snack Box is already my 5th highest performing blog post of all time and it has only been up a few days!

4. Amberly and I got enjoy a special Mother-Daughter activity 

Chulas Mission put on an event to create awareness and support for motherless girls, Once Upon An Apron, and we got to do all kinds of crafty activities and enjoy the beautiful Green Acre. I hope this event becomes an annual event!

5. When I got home from that, there were beautiful flowers on the kitchen table

6. AND the kitchen was sparkling clean!

I hope all my friends out there have been celebrated in both big and small ways. Furthermore, I hope you remember to celebrate YOU all through out the year. Moms work hard. We often have more to juggle and we fall to the bottom of the list. I'm grateful for the little things that kick started this Mothers Day Weekend!