Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kid Confessions - Owen

Owen runs in from the back yard, super excited.

"Mom, I have a wiggly tooth!"

"You do? Which one?"

He shows me it is the bottom front tooth.

"I can't wait for it to fall out so I can get money from the tooth fairy!"
"If the tooth fairy gives me $4 I'm going to give Kyle 3 and keep 1."

"Oh, really? Why?"

"Because I've been stealing his money."

Well, I'm glad he's honest. And, I like that he feels he should return it. Now I'm a little tempted to give him a bonus for wanting to do the right thing.

Update: Owen lost the tooth the very next day! He was concerned about going to soccer camp because of his wiggly tooth. As it turns out that was a valid point! Someone accidentally whacked him in the mouth as they were both running for the ball and his tooth became so loose from that he just pulled it out right there! I was uber impressed that he managed to not lose the tooth and brought it home.

The tooth fairy brought $5 and just as he said he offered to give his brother $3.  His dad didn't want him giving away his first tooth fairy money so he shelled out the $3 debt. I guess it pays to confess!