Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Mango Berry Boost Smoothie

This summer I'm determined to make the Vitamix our best friend! We've owned our Vitamix for over 3 years and we've used it less than 100 times. Well, now I'm ready to quit Jamba Juice. Recently I quit Starbucks, so this is another way to take charge of what we're consuming.

Since we've been paying a lot more attention to the measurements of what we're putting into our smoothies, the kids have been really pleased with the end result. In the past I sort of just did a hodge-podge of whatever was available in the fridge and well, let's just say not everything comes together for a flavorful blend.

We are big fans of mangoes. But it can be kind of costly to use the fruit in a smoothie, or at least enough of it to get the flavor. So instead I opted for the mango nectar that I found at Costco. I have a feeling that this is going to be a new favorite smoothie base because all 3 kids asked for more after they downed their liquid treat.

Mango Berry Boost Smoothie

1 cup mango nectar (juice)
1 cup plain organic yogurt - I used Stonyfeld 
2 heaping cups frozen mixed berries
1 banana
1 very ripe pear
3 TBSP organic hemp seed - I used Nutiva

Add all the ingredients to the blender. By the way, it matters which order you add in your ingredients....

Amberly helped put everything into the Vitamix

I love seeing all the colors just before we hit the switch to blend!

Blend on high for about a minute until you get this beautiful purple berry color. I added another tablespoon of the hemp seed for a boost of protein and added a strawberry for garnish. Of course I ate the garnish! 

I learned more about Nutiva and Stonyfield products while attending ShiftCon last year. ShiftCon is a social media conference for organic and sustainable bloggers. We had organic food and drink the entire weekend! I met so many amazing like minded people and got to take home the most useful swag (not to mention abundance of swag!) than any other conference or fair I've attended. This year it will be Sept 24th-26th in Los Angeles. I'll be there again this year and would love to see you! Our family has switched to buying 50% organic and we are still making healthy changes. It is pretty awesome to be part of the SHIFT that is happening.

Here's a short video from last year's event.

Grab your ticket before the conference is sold out!

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