Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Movie Night - Rio

We've totally stolen the concept of family movie night from friends and make usually one night out of the weekend a family movie night that includes a kid friendly movie, popcorn, kids lined up on their Disney plush chairs, and everyone in the same room laughing.

One thing I love is that hubby is the one who takes charge of this little family tradition - good job, babe! Tonight he was charged with going out to pick up dinner and he upon arriving home he announced it was Family Movie Night. This always gets the kids excited. It is a huge motivator too for behavior issues - we just have to ask "Do you want to miss "Family Movie Night?"

Rio was the movie tonight. It is now available on demand. I'll be honest I don't always fully tune in to the movie. I did however stop what I was doing at one point when Owen had been moved by the beat of the music to remove his diaper (oh yeah we're now using the Pampers Easy Ups and CVS has them on sale for $5 - I do like the soft feel of them - but honestly I hope we're towards the end of this diapering thing) and get jiggy with it! He is such a performer, at the tender age of 2 1/2. Now, normally we get on Owen about keeping his diaper on, but this time we really all had to take note of him shaking his booty because it was so hilarious! So, no pics to go with this post - that would be just oh so wrong. In fact, one day I may have to come back and just delete this post... but for today I have to share that after a rough night of poor Owen being sick and all day of me changing said child's diapers with a sore tushie to boot I was just glad to see him being silly and not feeling sick.

Mommy's slice of the pie was that stolen glance between hubby and I about how ridiculously cute that was.

What have you let your child get away with recently that you secretly or even not so secretly enjoyed?