Sunday, July 8, 2012

7 reasons I love my backyard

I used to think a backyard was overrated; we lived in a condo for the first 5 years of my parenting journey. Even though it was a spacious 1750 square foot 2 level condo - there was something clearly missing, and it wasn't just "more space" as I thought. When it came time to move we decided the move would be to a house, where the kids would have the pleasure of a backyard to play in finally.

At first it took awhile to get the kids to find creative ways to play out there, but with some diligence on the part of my husband mostly, the kids have been out there a little more each day this summer. And get this.... they haven't played video games in more than 6 weeks! Serious. They still are watching tv but not near as much as before. Ever since Amberly learned how to use the remote control, it has been too easy to let the kids be entertained by the television more often than coming up with planned activities or outings. That is one of the reasons we now do an annual Summer Bucket List. It keeps me present to getting us out of the house. But, there are times when the house really needs some attention, or I have to get caught up on work and we're at home a good portion of the day. So, for that I am grateful I have a backyard to now send the kids out to play.

What I love about our backyard:

1. It is big. Not huge. But big enough.

2. We have bunnies. They're not ours, but with a yard that they apparently call home, it feels like they are.

3. There is a garden box. Not that I garden, but I want to... I've been talking about it since we picked this place. It's been 7 months now. Who knows, it could happen.

4. We can roast marshmallows in our backyard or have S'mores Night. Enough said.

5. We don't have to go to the pool - we can turn on the sprinklers on a hot day or better yet, seet up the Slip 'N Slide!

6. There's blackberry vines! They are kind of taking over the whole side of the fence. They're awfully prickly too. But it is fun to have something to go harvest every week.

7. It is saving me from cleaning up graham cracker crumbs and sticky floors from Popsicles.

What do you love about your backyard?