Sunday, February 3, 2013

Beyonce Half Time Show. Did she Reveal too much?

I love Beyonce. I even enjoyed the SuperBowl Half Time show. But, I couldn't help looking over at my 7 year old daughter watching alongside us and thinking "I wish she wasn't watching this." The Super Bowl is supposed to be family friendly, right? The Hyundai Santa Fe commercial was totally family centric. The Go Pro commercial with the cute baby was cute and fun.

There's an interview I recall Beyonce giving way back when about not having to reveal too much and being mindful about keeping some mystery. Perhaps she wasn't revealing her midriff or a ton of cleavage, but she did do a sorta strip tease and I just can't help but to think she and her dancers were dressed like dominatrices. Not something I felt comfortable having my daughter sit and watch at this age, but I am not one to have the kids leave the room in regards to television programming.

Not wanting to complain I didn't mention it to hubby... but he brought it up and said it was a little too risque for a family program.

So, while I liked the performance, it was just not appropriate for all audiences in my opinion. Guess I should have come to expect that from the Super Bowl Half Time show though.