Saturday, April 6, 2013

What The Kid Said

My son Kyle says some of the funniest things.... sometimes funnier than those "What she said" jokes people make. He has no idea the comments are borderline inappropriate but all to often my husband and I are stopped in our tracks and snicker under our breath. Here's the latest:

Yesterday Kyle shared his favorite part of the day with us (something we do each night at dinner). "When I got in line after library time I said 'Boys will do anything to make women happy' and everyone including my teacher laughed!"

There may be some truth to that son.

Today in the car the kids were discussing why money is important. Amberly said to buy food and clothes. Kyle said something to the effect of "You don't need clothes to live. If you're naked you're just embarrassed."

My boys would be totally comfortable at a nudist colony I think.

At the beginning of the school year when my Kindergartener was going through his sight words he was sounding out one in particular that made us totally snicker... it was wrong... oh so wrong. Tell me we're not the only parents who can't help but to become juvenille when listening to what our children say.