Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Whole New Level of Feeling Old

Lately I've been feeling my age. I'm 35. That's not "old" but it is for real a turning point for me in realizing I'm no spring chicken either. I'm starting to realize I have to exercise to stay fit, I can't eat whatever I want without something in my body responding, and by responding. So that has got me reading this book called Diet Wise. Not cuz I'm dieting, but because I want to figure out what foods to steer away from. The book should be called Food Wise and talks about how everyone has some degree of food allergies. So all of that is besides the point, we all go through this and recongize we are what we eat as we add on the years. Today, I had the first moment of fully realizing that the music I loved listening to growing up is deemed awful by my children.... Yep, that is a whole new level of FEELING OLD.

We were driving to Barnes & Noble and my husband had left Rock 105.3 on the radio. As soon as I recognized the next song I started car dancing (I love car dancing and don't do enough of it!). What was this song that made me bust a move? None other than Insane in the Membrand by Cypress Hill. Yes, you can't fully car dance to this as you miss the jumping up and down part, but I was for sure embarrassing my kids. Either that, or the music was seriously scorching their ears. Care, I did not. I just blasted the radio louder to cover up their screaming and kept on with my bad self. Cuz I'm cool like that.

In case you need a good dose of 90's music here it is: