Saturday, December 21, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 3

#Gratitude365 There's something incredible about Christmas lights. They make me pause and take notice of what this season does for the human soul. Tonight we had the joy of having some extended family stop by and go look at Christmas lights in Rancho Penasquitos at Christmas Card Lane. The more lights the merrier seemed to be the consensus. One of my favorite things is looking at Christmas photos where the photographer has skillfully blurred the background Christmas lights just enough to make it so pretty. We have lights that look like icicles hanging from roofs, that twinkle, that are set to music and all other kinds. We're pretty fascinated by something sorta simple. Let us keep some of that magic beyond the holidays and remember how good it feels to share with a neighbor and spread cheer to children. We haven't gone out to look at Christmas lights quite as much this year as year's past, but we've got plenty of time to catch up during the school break!

Today, I'm grateful for Christmas Lights and all that they inspire.