Sunday, December 22, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 4

#Gratitude365 Today I'm really grateful for kids that got along most of the day while I stayed in my pjs and rested and dad went to a Charger game. We went out and did a lot yesterday which is probably why I didn't hear from them "What are we gonna do today?" My kids might get more stir crazy than anyone else I've ever met from being cooped up all day. I barely have a voice due to this kind of a cold that my body is fighting hard not to get before Christmas (and winning I think) and though there were a couple times I had to strain my voice to get a certain child's attention... they were really pretty much awesome today. In fact when my husband came home from the game he asked them if they had been good and they all underestimated themselves. I gave them a solid 8. Part of it could be that I've learned to get involved less with their squabbles and also we've reached a stage that they really know the boundaries and don't test me nearly as often as say a year ago - or heck - even a month ago. We might be hitting our stride. And that is a good feeling with Christmas right around the corner!