Monday, December 23, 2013

#Gratitude365 Day 5

#Gratitude365 It had been way too long since I had a haircut and style. So while I had a full day of Christmas shopping ahead of me, I thought my first stop should be to take care of my poor neglected hair. Even the stylist said that my hair really needed this! My stylist was so wonderful, giving me lots of education. I've been over rinsing the conditioner from my hair. She advised that I focus on products that are conditioning. Once upon a time I used to buy only Aveda products for my hair and Joelle's happens to carry them, so I picked out a few things, asked the ladies to bag them up and either my husband or I would be back to pick it up. Before I left I made sure to schedule my appointment to go back and see my stylist, she was just fantastic! I forget how wonderful it feels to get my hair done and have an extra pep in my step. In fact I felt so great that I stopped in at a store to try on some clothes - found something that suited my new do - a sweater dress - I've been wanting one for awhile now!  Plus I spotted a few things to add to my Christmas wish list (which honestly had nothing on it because I have been feeling blah). I stopped in at GNC to find fish oil - another tip from my stylist to help with my hair. Made a quick stop at Sally's Beauty Supply looking for a flat iron and hair dryer... added those to the Christmas list.

I don't think I've been clothes shopping since last Christmas. Or had a whole day out that was by myself, in forever.

Today I'm grateful for a day to take care of me. As a mom it becomes second nature to put our needs on the backburner. My kids get haircuts every 2-3 months, but I haven't prioritized it for me. When I came home I had nearly forgotten about having gotten my hair done and my husband asked the kids "Doesn't your mom look nice with her new haircut?" That made me realize that we give off an aura when we feel good and when we make an effort to look good it makes us feel good. And that leads to more gratitude.