Saturday, May 16, 2015

Mother's Day 2015 Part 4

Mother's Day as Told in Pictures

First, I got to sleep in. What every mother wants, right? My daughter had softball practice so my husband took all 3 kids to the field so I got to sleep in minus all the noise. It was glorious! I think I slept in until 10am. When I did wake up, there on the nightstand was breakfast made by my son, Kyle. That put a smile on my face to see that he wanted to do something special for me.

After showering and getting ready for the day, everyone came home and presented me with their special gifts.  Owen was most excited. He wanted me to open it the day before but I insisted we wait until actual Mother's Day. It looks like we had a rainbow garden theme which is appropriate since I love rainbows and keep saying I want to start a garden. 

I remembered I had purchased something special for myself a few weeks ago just for this morning... mango mimosa! Just as I began to sip said mimosa, the kids play fighting had turned to real fighting.... but this is not the day for me to resolve their bickering. Cheers!

Mother's Day is a day that my husband says "whatever you want to do, babe, it's your day!" Writing it out helps! Thanks to my fun Erin Condren wall calendar, my wishes were granted... well except for the mani-pedi, I just ran out of time for that.

Off to the Carlsbad Flower Fields! It had been years since we had been and thought we could get some good pictures. Which, though I'm biased, I think we accomplished that!

Plenty of fun for the kids at the playground, going through the Sweet Pea Maze, completing the flower passport and of course riding the Antique Tractor Wagon Ride. 

Plus, I got a chance to enjoy all the beautiful flowers....

And one of my favorites....

On our way out through the Walter Andersen Nursery, Amberly and I saw this and had to have it for our front yard..... we both love butterflies!

 We had some time before dinner so we hit the beach to feel the sand between our toes. This one of Kyle running along the water is my favorite!

My husband pointed out these cool rock towers as we were leaving the beach....

Then it was off to have dinner.... at home. Cory grilled steak and it was delish! I got to open another Mother's Day gift, my favorite bottle of wine, Conundrum. 

After dinner we shared one of my favorite treats, chocolate covered strawberries!

Mother's Day is always a day I look forward to and this year lived up to what I wanted!