Saturday, July 11, 2015

Save #MoreMinutes During Back to School at Great Clips

Kids seem to go back to school earlier and earlier don't they? Mine return the middle of August. That's like right around the corner! So I'm already trying to figure out how to save more minutes during this back to school season in order to fit it all in.

Good thing there's Great Clips online check in! We gave this a test drive and found it was not just useful, but super easy. Amberly's hair needed a trim, she's been complaining of her bangs falling in her eyes. She was constantly sweeping them to the side. Here's a before picture:

Because of juggling summer schedules I hadn't made an appointment to get it done at the children's salon we typically visit. You know, calling a place to make an appointment can be an unforeseen time suck.... have you ever been put on hold? That is just one reason I liked using the online check in with Great Clips. Plus, I could see there was a zero minute wait time at our nearest salon. Winning! And because Great Clips is everywhere (check store locator) I didn't have to drive across town to get to one. All of those minutes add up quick!

Amberly was all smiles with her new cut:

Amberly got a great cut at a great price (children under 10 are $12 - prices may vary by location). So not only did this save us time, it saved me money too!

The way I see it I could either throw those minutes away doing things the old way or I can bank those minutes and spend them where they count.., on creating family memories. We came up with 10  ideas on what do with our saved minutes:

1. Look up a new smoothie recipe
2. Make s'mores
3. Have family game night
4. Make popcorn for family movie night
5. Pack a picnic dinner to take to the park
6. Make funnel cake
7. Have a water gun fight
8. Walk to our neighborhood Little Free Library
9. Go star gazing
10. Take a hike

We ended up having family game night!

You can join in the fun #MoreMinutes campaign too. Simply find a Great Clips near you, take a selfie and post it on Instagram or Twitter use the #MoreMinutes hashtag sharing what you'd do with a few extra minutes.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3....

Great Clips will be performing random acts of kindness now through Sept 11 2015. I'm looking forward to following the hashtag and seeing what people come up with and what Great Clips does for its customers! You can learn more about this fun back to school campaign here

What would you do with a few more minutes?

Here's what a few kids came up with:

$25 VISA Giftcard

Thanks to Great Clips for sponsoring today's story and encouraging me to try Online Check-In to save my family #MoreMinutes to enjoy the stuff we love!