Monday, August 3, 2015

Creative Inspiration - Week 8

 Because we are "on" 24/7 as mothers it is exhausting to keep up using all the parenting tools we stock in our tool belt. Just in case you needed to see this message today:

And there is no such thing as perfect. It is all in our head. So just keep going. The more we dwell on those days where we lost our shit, the more we feel like shit and that just doesn't serve anyone, especially our children. I have to remind myself of this often, so when I saw this quote on a friends facebook wall and she explained the day she had had, I made sure to snag it right away to share here. We've all been told not to compare our children and that makes perfect sense. What might be an even more important message to new mothers is not to compare themselves against other mothers and that they will indeed lose their shit from time to time. We all do. Someone who doesn't is losing it on the inside, which isn't any healthier. 

And to go along those lines.... 

I remember someone telling me that whenever they see me I am smiling. And then one day I they saw me and I wasn't, they knew something was wrong. This image quote hit me because I do try to see the glass as half full, it just doesn't make sense to me to see it as half empty. Eeyore gets portrayed as gloomy but this quote means he is at least trying. And trying keeps you moving one foot in front of the other. Gives you purpose. Keep looking for the sunshine. I need to use this mantra from time to time. I've been finding that I need to share it with my kids. Despite my efforts to demonstrate positive thinking, sometimes it is as if they are poo-pooing all over my great idea to do something new and get out as a family. I have some ideas tucked away for these last two weeks of summer and know I'll just have to smile through their complaints about not wanting to do said activity and "why can't we do this instead" because in the end they enjoy new experiences too. My husband says that they get it from me... the whining. Hmm....  I think for now I'll just grab a glass of wine because:

Image used with permission via In Mama Maggie's Kitchen

I'm guessing it is the last couple weeks of summer that has me juggling all of these ideas and feelings; moms losing their shit, keep looking for sunshine and grabbing a glass of wine. Two more weeks until school starts! Tell me I'm not the only one feeling a weird mix of elated and bitter all at the same time?