Monday, June 15, 2015

Creating Inspiration Week 4

Here it is! Week 4 of Creating Inspiration! 

I've been keeping my eyes open for things that strike me as inspirational and also coming up with my own little quips. If you've missed the previous installments you can catch them here:

Now, onto this week's inspiration!

Just as every person has their own unique personality, we are also given our own way to touch the world - a unique fingerprint. I mean that both literally and figuratively. The special gifts each person has to offer ought to be celebrated just as we celebrate the beauty in each unique sunset.

The conversations I love to be in most are when people are engaged about their passions. That sparkle that illuminates from them is a sweet thing to witness. I saw this quote a couple weeks ago and saved it. I know how it feels to share what we love and imagine that same sparkle shines through me. Next time someone is talking about the thing they are most passionate about, take pause. It is not every day we get to experience these exchanges.

Last week my kids ended their school year and I wrapped up teaching my first year of ASL in a school setting. It is with a heavy heart that I said good bye to some teacher friends as our charter school is closing. I'm in the midst of a job hunt to seek another school that wants to add ASL to their curriculum. Watching these kids grow this year in both their ASL vocabulary and their understanding of how we relate to people who differ from us in some way has left a great mark on me. Our end of the year performance left me so proud! Every student had their own story, their unique take on what message I delivered in a lesson on empathy or kindness. Some of the students really fell in love with signing. It was pretty amazing to be apart of that growth.  We may have seen the sun set on Endeavour Academy, but we have all affected one another in some small way. Here's to all those finger prints going forward and leaving their mark on their future schools.

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