Sunday, June 21, 2015

Creative Inspiration - Week 5

This week I have had a lot of inspiring things cross my path! It can be hard to choose one item that speaks to you..... so here they are in no certain order.

This one I found when I was entering a giveaway over on Lora Hogan's blog. I won't go too much in depth because this instagram post says it all.

Our family visited an awesome Nature Center last Sunday and this t shirt had me thinking the Universe is trying to remind me ever so gently to start this garden.

And today as I was browsing twitter I saw this quote and I knew I had to share it. Our health is highly related to our attitude. Choosing happiness is an important prescription! This was a picture I took of Amberly when we went to the Mother's Day Chula's Mission event and I loved how happy she was here. This quote came up in my twitter stream when I needed it.

I first heard this quote less than a year ago.... coming from a mom who had a teenage boy in his Senior year of high school and one who had already graduated. It is a good reminder to me that even in the face of challenging moments to appreciate them.

Were any of these reminders you needed? That is sometimes how I look at quotes.... little reminders to adjust our thinking or a message delivered when we needed it. Perhaps one of these was just the dose of medicine you needed. If so, let me know in the comments below. I'd love to know if these weekly quote roundups are something of value to you.

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