Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hello Sunshine Box Reveal

This week I got a package in the mail. I love receiving packages, don't you? At first I wasn't sure what it could be since I was not expecting anything.... ah, but I forgot.... I was participating in the Hello Sunshine Box event. Woot! This is where future me gives a high five to past me and is doing a little happy dance.

As I opened one end of the box I noticed that each item inside was individually wrapped. Oh, how I love it when there are lots of little items to unwrap!

My daughter Amberly was sitting with me on the couch as I pulled out each item and she commented on how fun the wrapping paper was. Just look at how everything coordinates!

Stephanie from Wife Mommy Me was who I was paired up with and I have been reading her blog getting to know her. She loves to take on projects, loves her boy CJ and hosts a Tuesday link up party Mommy Talk Tuesday that you should check out if you have kiddos!

And now for the Hello Sunshine Box reveal....

Each item was labeled and before I opened it I would wonder what was inside that matched up with the "clue". This magazine will come in handy this summer! I already have taken it with us to the soccer fields. While my son is practicing I can learn about herbs and plan dinner!

I quit Starbucks about 6 weeks ago and I love that Stephanie sent something to keep me on track! She says she is a recovering Diet Coke addict so I think she can empathize with how hard it is to give up the sugar and caffeine.

I have several water bottles, but they are all purple, so this pink water bottle will be a good way to mix it up! OH and there was a bottle of sunscreen wrapped and labeled "when hiking" that I forgot to take a picture of. I've had it on my ideas list forever to get us out hiking as a family on a regular basis so I knew Stephanie had spent some time looking around my blog or instagram to see what would be useful. So much appreciated!

The funny thing with this is I nearly went with a popcorn themed gift idea for Stephanie! We love to have Family Movie Night at least twice a month and it usually involved popcorn.

And a sweet treat just for me.... but I totally shared with Amberly!

I have to say that this Hello Sunshine Box Swap was fun to participate in. Wandering around World Market picking out items to put in Stephanie's box was a treat in itself. Plus it gave me ideas of things I wanted to plan for summer!

Have you ever participated in a blogger box swap? If I see one again I will totally do it.... this was my first one!