Friday, September 11, 2015

Work with me!


Media Kit available upon request.

I love working with brands and organizations when it is a fit. What is a fit you ask? Well, let me tell you what I enjoy sharing....

1. Events, both local (San Diego) and away. Whether your event is celebrating family, health, the arts or entertainment I would love to hear about it. Events that showcase a fun date night idea or perfect Mom's Night Out soiree or fun things to do with kids all inspire me to share.




2. Travel, who doesn't love that? Our kids are at the perfect age to showcase family destinations. They are ages 6, 8 and 10. We have become the proud owners of DISNEYLAND annual passes so we will be making several trips to the happiest place on earth and would love to showcase the best hotels and family attractions for our series on stay cation ideas. We took our first family road trip recently and visited the Grand Canyon. This sparked a new year's resolution to visit more national parks in 2016.

3. Eating. We are on a healthy journey and making strides towards better eating. I like to share organic and wholesome food. But I also have a sweet tooth. We practice eating a rainbow, support the notion of "half a plate" of fruits and veggies and hope to start our own garden in the near future. The kids have started a healthy snack review segment on my YouTube channel. Restaurant reviews, products to showcase in a recipe, a healthy snack to throw in the kids' lunchboxes all make great examples of what I'd be excited about writing and sharing.





4. Family. Whether it be outings or tools to help us live more harmoniously or entertainment, we love staying active! All 3 of my kids are in sports year round and we love exploring what helps us keep things organized or improve  My children are 6, 8 and 10 years old and while they're not babies anymore, I teach baby sign language classes which means I share all about child development and products that make a new mom's life easier. I have a great group of moms that can either review the product or I can share with select small classes or large library programs.



5. Education. I am a lifelong learner. It is a cornerstone passion. Anything that helps parents learn how to better aid their kids in their education journey. Books, learning tools, programs and classes and especially anything that helps with school fundraisers hits a sweet spot for me as I'm involved in our school's parent foundation.




6. Going Green! We may not be the greenest, but I think everything we change to be more green is a step in the right direction. The more I talk to parents the more I realize that we need to take baby steps because it is more attainable than making a 180 degree change.

7. Health and Wellness. From food to exercise to conscious living, it is important to me and my readers.